If you need a new ambulance, but your budget doesn't allow a brand new vehicle, consider buying an ambulance that has been remounted. From time to time, we take a pre-owned ambulance in on trade that we consider to be a quality vehicle with high miles. (Yes, there are other ambulance manufacturers that we consider to be quality products.)

Since ambulance quality is based on structural integrity and durability of the body and not the chassis, we can have the body remounted onto a new chassis and give you a vehicle that will provide years of service at a substantial savings.

We truly believe that you are much further ahead to buy a quality remount than you are buying a brand new unit from a "high volume, low quality" ambulance manufacturer. A well-built ambulance will still be in good condition after being on the road for many miles, the doors will still be solid and open and close with ease, the interior cabinets will not squeak and rattle, and the electrical system will still function as designed. With a cheaper ambulance, the module and its components will be just as tired as the chassis, and it will not be worth remounting, so you end up selling it off "as is" without recovering any of your initial investment.

When you are ready to buy, give us a call to see what we have available.

2018 AEV Remount


2016 Med Tec Remount