Frontline Ambulances

For the customer looking to purchase a durable and economical product, but are not able to purchase a Horton and AEV, we offer the Frontline Ambulance.

Durable & Economical

Frontline ambulance are built like a tank.  They have passed several tests including a modular body drop test, a side-impact crash test and a frontal-impact HYGE sled test.


Our ambulances have interchangeable components and easy-to-service features.  Offers some of the industry's fastest lead times- 60 to 90 days at competitive rates.

Decades of Knowledge

Frontline Ambulance is built by the REV Group in Winter Park, Florida.  The REV Group has decades of company knowledge in making vehicles that are tough, cost effective, and that have thoughtful first response features.  We understand that every ambulance needs to function like an emergency room on wheels.  The REV Group makes eight of the world's top ambulance brands and many more specialty vehicles.
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