AEV Ambulances

Setting a Precedent

For the customer looking to purchase a solid, economical, well-built product that will last for years we offer the AEV line of Ambulances.

If you have seen an AMR Ambulance on the street, or for that matter just about any privately owned ambulance, there is a good chance you've seen an AEV. That's because the companies that require durable products that survive the daily abuse of EMS response but fit into a tight budget, choose AEV.

The Heritage of Craftsmanship

AEV just happens to be located in the heart of North Carolina's mountain country. Along with this unique geography comes the equally unique decades-long history and heritage of crafting the world-class furniture for which North Carolina is known. The can-do attitude and work ethic of AEV's craftsmen and technicians is exemplified at each stage of vehicle production, from custom engineered electrical systems to cabinetry built and installed with the same care and pride as furniture.

A Company that Grows with You

AEV's unprecedented growth since the late 80s indicates their formula works for their customers. As a prospective vehicle purchaser, we encourage you to consult with an extensive list of satisfied AEV owners. These operations extend from coast to coast, and vary from national fleets to one-vehicle rescue squads. AEV vehicles are built to stay up and running, keep costs down, and increase return on investment for as long as possible.

For more information visit AEV's Website